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How do I keep my wood prints in good condition long term?

Like most wood products, our wood prints need to be kept in ideal conditions in order to protect them from heat or moisture-related damage. Wood photo prints are intended to be kept indoors at a relative humidity of 45-55% at 70-75 degrees Fahrenh

Color Accuracy Tips

For best color accuracy when printing your photos with us, there are a few critical steps you should follow. Calibrate your monitor Calibrating your monitor is the first step to ensuring color accuracy in your prints.  This will allow your monito

Is my file big enough for printing?

Are you concerned about the quality of your image?  No worries!  We check every file before it goes to print.  We will contact you by email before printing your image if there are any problems. You may also find this chart useful in determining

How does the wood hanger work?

The optional wood hanger for hanging canvas comes with adhesive backing.  Simply peel and stick the wood strips to the top and bottom front edges of the canvas for easy hanging.

Why is my canvas not framed?

We only offer loose, unframed canvas.  Our canvas is intended to be hung like a tapestry using your favorite tacks or double-sided tape found at any local hardwood store.  We also offer an optional wood hanger for select sizes.